Prof. Dr. Siegfried Fina  

Vienna Technology Law Program



The Vienna Technology Law Program is one of the Vienna Law School's 38  concentration programs and one of Europe's most comprehensive university-based tech law programs. It includes course offerings in the area of IT law, biotechnology law, intellectual property law, competition law, nanotechnology law, space law, and science & innovation. This program was established in 2005 and has been directed by Professor Siegfried Fina since then.

This concentration program can be completed in one academic year. Since many basic tech law courses are offered during the fall semester, we recommend to start this concentration program in fall.

Students will earn the Vienna Law School's Technology Law Certificate, if they successfully complete at least 12 units of relevant courses. Students shall choose a minimum of 8 units of core courses and a minimum of 4 units of elective courses.

Core courses:

  • Introduction to Technology Law I: IT Law (Siegfried Fina)
  • Introduction to Technology Law II: IP, Biotech, and Technology Transfer (Siegfried Fina)
  • Intellectual Property Law (Guido Kucsko)
  • Patent Law (Andreas Weiser)
  • Technology Transfer: Licensing (Leonhard Reis)
  • Biotechnology Law I: Genetics and Law (Manfred Stelzer)
  • Biotechnology Law II: New Technologies, Medicine, and Bioethics (Christian Kopetzki)

Elective course offerings include:

  • Copyright Law I (Michel Walter)
  • Copyright Law II (Michel Walter)
  • Copyright Law & New Media (Stefan Korn)
  • Unfair Competition Law (Michael Enzinger)
  • Competition, Trademarks and the Internet (Stefan Korn)
  • Antitrust Law I (Peter Stockenhuber)
  • Antitrust Law II (Florian Schuhmacher)
  • Law, Science, and Innovation (Bernd Christian Funk/Bettina Perthold/Leonhard Reis)
  • E-Commerce Law (Christian Zib)
  • E-Commerce and Private International Law (Helmut Ofner)
  • European and International E-Commerce Law (Siegfried Fina)
  • Telecommunications Law (Daniel Ennöckl)
  • Drug Law (Gerhard Aigner)
  • Nanotechnology Law (Iris Eisenberger)
  • Legal Issues of the Use of Outer Space Technologies (Irmgard Marboe)
  • European and International Business and Technology Law Seminar (Siegfried Fina)
  • Genetics and Law Seminar (Manfred Stelzer)
  • Contract Drafting Seminar for the Research and Technology Environment (Siegfried Fina/Leonhard Reis)

For more information on the Vienna Technology Law Program, please visit the program website (in German):; or contact the program director Professor Siegfried Fina.

Graduates, who already have a first law degree, may consider to apply for the Vienna Law School's LLM Program in European and International Business Law and its European and International Intellectual Property & Technology Law Concentration (English-only):