Stanford-Vienna Transatlantic Technology Law Forum

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Fina  


The Transatlantic Technology Law Forum (TTLF) is a joint international initiative of Stanford Law School (USA) and the University of Vienna School of Law (Austria).

The European Union and the United States, the world's leaders in the field of innovation and high technology, share a common set of values based on a commitment to democracy, human rights, market economics, and the rule of law. But EU and U.S. approaches to many technology related issues in law and policy differ significantly across the Atlantic, causing barriers to trade and legal uncertainty within the transatlantic relationship, the world's largest bilateral trade marketplace which comprises 450 million people in the EU and 330 million people in the US. TTLF aims to promote a balanced approach to these important transatlantic issues in the field of law, science and technology by raising professional understanding and public awareness, as well as to support policy-oriented research across five priority areas:

  • biotechnology law
  • information technology law
  • intellectual property law
  • nanotechnology law
  • antitrust law

The Transatlantic Technology Law Forum emphasizes high-quality education and policy-oriented research on EU and U.S. technology law. It aims to educate lawyers and other professionals on both sides of the Atlantic about foreign legal approaches in the field. TTLF serves as a transatlantic technology law and policy think-tank providing constructive and innovative solutions to EU-U.S. technology law and policy challenges in the context of the New Transatlantic Agenda, the Transatlantic Economic Initiative and the emerging idea of a Transatlantic Free Trade Area. It is the TTLF's objective to establish a deeper and better informed "Transatlantic Technology Law Dialogue".

TTLF serves as a coordinating and working platform for a series of institutionally open transatlantic technology law projects which bring together academics, business people, government officials, legal professionals, legislators, policy makers, representatives of international organizations, scholars, students and the public at large from both sides of the Atlantic.

TTLF activities include conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, research projects, courses, joint study programs, summer schools, continuing education programs, a fellowship program, as well as providing a comprehensive, internationally unique collection of EU and U.S. technology law on the TTLF website which also includes a techlaw news section.

The Transatlantic Technology Law Forum is co-directed by Vienna Law Professor Siegfried Fina, Stanford Law Professor Mark A. Lemley, and Stanford Law, Science & Technology Executive Director Roland Vogl.

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